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Kansa Wand: A Tool To Bring Back Your Youth Kansa is the gift of Ayurveda bestowed to the world. Being originated in...


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Kansa Wand: A Tool To Bring Back Your Youth

Kansa is the gift of Ayurveda bestowed to the world. Being originated in India, it started to spread throughout the world. Known for its a healing technique as it uses the combination of tin and copper also Known as BRONZE.

Kansa Wand Ayurveda

Kansa is an Alloy. When used as an object to eat or dink it helps clearing our stress, relieving our mental health. A booster to help us boost our energy levels. When we drink in them, they fill your body with positivity. Purifies the inner beauty called character as your filled with positive charges leading to positive vibes.

An Anti-aging wand

Beautiful appearance with beautiful character makes a glorifying person. Worried about aging haven’t you heard the words of The Human Computer, “The Late Shakuntala Devi Stating Age is just a number”. Wondering how it’s possible? Let the kansa wand be your beauty wand

Kansa Wand Usage

A drop of organic (or) essential oil is the only ingredient we require to start brewing our magic.Using a drop of oil on a clear skin with a therapeutic massage using the magic wand gives the youthful skin taking you back to your roots.

Kansa Wand Massage

  • The massage is the pavement to take you to your gorgeous look.
  • Covering all the parts on your face an important instruction to be followed.
  • Covering only our face takes a minimum time of 5 minutes. To make yourself look stunning not only by face takes a mere 45 minutes. It’s a boon to hide our age. Let’s hide our age, confuse the old, chill with the young, live long.


  • Massage from your nose to your forehead using the wand as shown in 1st image.
  • Massage from your collar bone to your lower chin as shown in 2nd image.
  • Massage on your eyelids closing your eyes as shown in 3rd image.
  • Massage under your eyes as shown in 4th image.
  • Massage your chin from the lower to your upper chin in 5th image.
  • Massage your cheeks. Make sure you massage in a single direction.
  • Massage around like 7th and 8th images.

Kansa Wand Working

  • Before you start brewing your magic, let the face be clear to let the pores open.
  • While brewing, massage slowly in all directions. You start observing your skin becomes grey while you brew your magic potion. They are just our dead skin making us look old. So not to panic it’s a symbol of success to your brewing of magic to turn yourselves young.
  • After you complete, You can wash your face but before washing the face dust the grey layer of your face. It would make it easy to wash.
  • You are ready to look at your stunning look.

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Kansa wand

Rs 1,400.00 Rs 2,200.00