What Ayurveda Offers To Fight Against Corona Virus

The whole World is becoming victim day by day of the deadly Coronavirus. Recent studies disclose the current statistic that around one lakh people got infected and approx 3,500 individuals have been killed around the world. Everyone is switching to a number of preventive measures.
But one request that every information you see in Google is not worth following for. So after cross-checking from our Ayurvedic experts, we came up with our exclusive advice that works wonders in boosting your immunity-

1)Every day aloe-vera, amla & white ash juice
One of the most effective things suggested by experts. Especially at this time, make this your habit to consume aloe-vera, amla & white ash juice every day.

 2) Make Aloe Vera- Your Best Friend

Try having aloe vera regular either in the form of liquid or solid. As the anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties help to immune the body against all the bacteria, viral infections and destroying cancer cells and foreign substances.

2) Add Giloy & Tulsi-
Recently Ramdev advised "To fight Covid-19, giloy, and Tulasi can be helpful. If someone has symptoms of coronavirus, consuming 'kadah' (decoction) of giloy and Tulasi with black pepper, turmeric and ginger will boost immunity and kill all kinds of viruses."
Although we don’t have any medical facts to prove this statement but there is no harm in trying this out as the ayurvedic cure takes time but works wonders on the body.

3) One tablet of Mahasudarshan Vati-
Maha Sudarshan Vati is one of the hidden magical gem supports immunity and helps to enhance the body's natural defense power against various types of bacteria & viruses. It also helps to eliminate natural toxins from the body.

4) Ancient Kadha always work-
It is a very old saying that grannies ancient kadah’s always finding the escape to save us. Well, we all are versed in the fact that ancient ayurvedic kadah is the best cure. So here we go, especially the kadah of Giloy saunth & dhania acts like magic when it comes to improving your immunity.

After reading this, you now want to follow. So stop scrolling Google and seek your answers from ancient ayurvedic practices.

Things To Avoid At Coronavirus Era

The World is in panic mode as gradually the scenarios are getting worse. Medical science is working continuously to develop a cure for this deadly virus. As an alternative, we can only seek help from old traditional practices suggested by Ayurvedic practitioners.

Until and unless the scientific cure comes into existence all we can do is follow the preventive measures suggested by our government health ministry. But there are certain things that we need to completely avoid at this stage.

Listing some things that should be completely avoided right now-

1) Stay Away From False News
This has always been the thing that we need to focus on. Never rely on Whatsapp News, Random Forwarded messages or any random pop up messages at the online platform. Stick to your old traditional ways like news channels, newspapers, facts scientifically proven and so on..
Just beware of spreading false messages on social media that this or that form of treatment exists, as one can never estimate the impact it creates on another individual’s mind.

2) Taking Preventive Measures
If you are the victim of respiratory infections like cough or cold then using face masks is a must. Plus switching to cloth face maks or any wet mask is of no use.
 Better hand and cough hygiene should be maintained.

3) Travel Restrictions
Avoid traveling is the must advice to follow as it is not a smart thing to do. Plus avoiding crowded places as we can’t say much about asymptomatic cases may still exist amongst us and in any case, it is very easy to hide a fever.

4) Avoid fried or oily food
Consuming fried, cold food actually reduces the digestive fire in us plus hard to digest. So try switching to homely cooked food, sweet root vegetables, healthy light soups. It will eventually keep your stomach happy and lessen the chances of you falling ill.

5) Avoid Close Contact
Avoid close contact especially with people who are suffering from cold or cough. In this panic mode, people are becoming so conscious that they are even avoiding shaking hands as the fear in the minds is too much.
Distance between yourself and other people if COVID-19 is spreading in your community. This is especially important for people who are at higher risk of getting very sick.
So try avoiding these facts and take precautions to fight against this deadly Coronavirus.
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