The Ayurvedic Daily Routine - Ayurvedic Dincharya

1. Early to Rise & Early to Bed 

Try to wake up & get up before sunrise, every person should rise early in the morning at least one hour before the sunrise ( Braham Muhurat ). This is the best time to acquire the Brahma Jnana or Supreme Knowledge for achieving external happiness, it is generally accepted that the body functions better on the early start of the day. At this time there s calm & quietness in the atmosphere and hence it is a recommended period. 

Children, pregnant women  & old persons need not follow this rule as they need more sleep.


2. Make Regular  Bowel Habit 

Blader & Bowel should be regulatory emptied after walking up in the morning. once the waste product is properly emptied, once feel more energetics.

Deink a  full glass of water to activate the mechanisms for emptying the bladder &  the bowels. Natural Sensation of passing the stool in the morning is a sign of good health.


3. Brighten your Teeth

 If the teeth are not properly  Cleamend every day, then the food particles lodged in the crevices, start bacterial growth in the oral cavity can lead to decay of the teeth. For this mixture  of the powder of rock salt, catechu, is good with small amount of honey & turmeric 


4. The tongue is the mirror of digestion 

A clean, red tongue shows that the digestion is gastrointestinal -tract is in proper order. if there is white coating it can be due to bad oral hygiene or due to the formation of toxins in the intestines.

5. Gargle your Mouth 

 It is a good habit to gargle in the morning & after every meal with warm water, gargling with a mixture of warm water &  spoonful of sesame oil is always useful in conditions of sensitive teeth & gums.

6. Wash Your Face 

After getting up, wash your face with water & clean your eyes nose, mouth every morning with water. If water is too cold, it is good to wash face & eyes with warm water. If you are suffering from acne or black color under your eyes, apply a face pack containing a mixture of Amalaki, turmeric, sandalwood powder in proportion of ½ & ¼. if your skin is dry, mix this mixture with milk  & id it’s oily, use the same mixture in water. Regular use of this mixture helps prevent wrinkling & makes the skin lustrous


7. Exercise gives fitness

Every person should exercise regularly, this keeps the body fit  & increase strength & stamina . with exercise respiratory, circulatory  & cardiovascular system are toned up. Ayurveda describes that exercise should be done to half the capacity of an individual. This means that when sweat appears on the forehead & armpits & respiration becomes quick  & one is forced to breathe through the mouth, then one should stop exercise.


8. Don’t drink with meals 

Don’t drink with meals. But drink water during the day. Avoid colas &  other chemically manufactured drinks & alcohol. Don’t have tea or coffee more than 2 times a day.


9. Man is what he eats 

Diet is the most important thing as it provides nutrition to all the tissue  & gives vitality, strength 

& immunity. The physical  & psychological growth & development depends on the type of diet you are consuming. Food must be fresh, warm slightly oily &  one should eat food with full concentration on food only after proper prayer to the Almighty.


10. Eat on Time 

Eat the evening meal early  7 allow time for it to be properly digested before going to bed. whenever possible, go for  a gentle walk ( for around 30 minutes ) 


It’s time for bed, Sleep is the physiology of rest for the body & mind . 6 to 8 hours sound sleep is enough  & gives sufficient rest. A healthy person generally should not sleep during day time except for a Short nap in summer. Before going  to bed, meditation should be practiced for achieving calm & quiet mind 

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