Stushi's Facial Skin Booster Tool For The Golden Glow You Deserve

Yes, you are getting older every other day. But is it necessary to show it to the world? Not at all! And why should you, if you can have your glowing, fresh and healthy skin to flaunt? Not to mention, it will only get healthier from now on. That too without any harmful chemicals allowed to peep through your skin. And without the expensive creams and lotions that your skin gets way too dependent on. How? The answer lies in the usage of Stushi’s facial skin booster. Keep reading for more wisdom on this ancestral tool and its highly beneficial massage practice.
What is Stushi's facial skin booster tool?
A small artisanal facial massage tool, Stushi’s facial skin booster is basically a Kansa wand. Kansa wands have been garnering attention in recent times and are becoming a favourite of beauty influencers on Instagram from all around the world. Made from high-quality teak wood and the “Queen’s metal” Kansa, it is a tool that has the ability to revolutionise the skincare industry. How? You will get to know in a while.
Before we get into the depth of the superpowers Stushi’s facial skin booster holds, let’s first understand its key element, the Kansa in the Kansa wand. As recognised in India, which is where it is very likely to be originated from, Kansa is a sacred bronze known as the healing metal. Being utilised for centuries in the Ayurvedic culture, this tool also helps relax the skin muscles and thus, de-stresses you.
Unless you are allergic to bronze, this all-natural tool, with no harmful chemicals peeping through your skin with its usage, tends to provide you the ultimate skin benefits. Since, there is no technology with batteries and radiations, it is one of the rare harmless tools out there to deliver that perfect skin full of health and vigour.
Why is it the go-to tool?
Stushi’s facial skin booster (Kansa wand) is known to aid the lymphatic system in the body. This is the body’s own detoxifying mechanism which makes toxins and fluids to build up in the lymph. However, our degrading lifestyles including not working out, eating too much salt, dehydration etc. can slow down this detoxification mechanism.
Using Stushi’s facial skin booster, you can massage all the lymph nodes present on your face and remove the stagnated toxins built-up under the skin. Not doing this is what results into breakouts, wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, inflammation, and dull skin.
Since, these toxins are highly acidic, the Kansa wand tends to release acidity and thus, helps balance the skin's pH levels. Whatever your skin type, dry, oily, acne prone or neutral, the Kansa wand is known to help all. In fact, those with acne prone skin/oily skin have found it immensely useful in the reduction of breakouts within weeks of usage. Overall, its usage not only makes the skin glow but also makes it immune from harm that comes from bad air and other external factors. Currently being widely used for natural face lift, it can help in firming and tightening up your skin as well.
Additionally, according to many ayurvedic practitioners, the kansa wand helps balance the doshas and chakras in the human body which if unbalanced lead to various disorders.
Apart from beauty benefits, this age old practice of massaging with the kansa wand helps relax your muscles and gives you some moments of bliss. Those who have experienced it find it as pleasurable as a gift for your soul to overcome the daily stresses of life.
All these benefits are accredited not only to the technique of massage but the kansa wand with natural healers like zinc, aluminium and copper.
How to use the kansa wand for embellishing skin?
To boost the impact of the tool, It is essential to use a nutrient-rich serum/facial oil along with it while massaging your face. Stushi’s facial skin booster comes with a facial oil which is dense with highly nourishing ingredients to make it even more effective.
The major ingredients of Stushi’s facial oil include Saffron, Rose, Turmeric and White lotus. Each of these have extensive usefulness in both science and ayurveda.
Saffron: Amongst its various powers, Saffron is quite famous for lightening of skin. Additionally, it helps treat acne, blemishes and irritated skin with its anti-inflammatory properties. As a natural exfoliator, it helps brighten up dull skin, aids in the removal of dark circles while enhancing the smoothness and glow of your skin.
Rose: This red and romantic ingredient utilises its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to reduce the redness of the skin. This is one more reason why it is important to use an oil, as otherwise the skin gets irritated with the kansa wand and turns red. Also, rose is known for its richness in antioxidants which helps it strengthen skin cells, regenerate skin tissue, remove toxins and thus, provide anti-aging benefits. Along with these, rose is highly hydrating which makes it a natural moisturiser. Whether you suffer from dry skin or not, the hydration from rose helps balance the moisture in your skin and keeps it soft and smooth. Furthermore, the astringent properties of the rose flower aids in keeping the skin’s pH levels balanced. Thus, maintaining the skin's health.
Turmeric: Just like the kansa wand, this golden spice has been used for centuries to treat all kinds of dermatological issues. Its antioxidants along with the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties help soothe the skin removing all irritation and swelling. It brings out the natural glow in your face when combined with the amazing massage done with the kansa wand. While aiding with most skin issues ranging from dull skin to acne, the spice has made a strong mark in the ayurvedic culture of skin care.
White lotus: Rich in antioxidants, various minerals and vitamins like vitamin C and B complex, the flower is a super house of benefits to the skin. Its protein and fatty acids are a bonus. The flower is known for its enriching properties that include skin purification, hydration, exfoliation and skin tightening. This makes it one of the unbelievably effective ingredients that gets you the most vibrant, youthful and glowing skin to flaunt.
The method
  1. Apply the oil to a clean and washed face.
  2. Start by gently massaging with the kansa wand in circles all over your forehead.
  3. Continuing in circular motion - clockwise and anticlockwise, move down to the temples beside your eyes.
  4. Make slow, long strokes beneath the eyes and towards the crease of your nose.
  5. Make long strokes from the ear to the tip of your nose and also over your eyebrows.
  6. Relax your muscles by using circular strokes on the cheeks, shifting them gradually down to the jawline and chin.
  7. Repeat the process on the other side of the face the same way.
Using this method for at least 5 minutes a day, preferably in the evening will make you observe the results in a week's time.
The bottom line
Stushi’s facial skin booster tool can help you garner the beauty and peace of mind you deserve. It makes your skin glow while making it healthier. Five minutes of its use daily is a kind of meditation on its own. The practice of massaging your face with this tool can be the difference between the amazing you and the average person out there. Grab Stushi’s facial skin booster tool now along with the nourishing facial oil and gift your skin a healthy life ahead. Because only when you experience a new wonder glow on your face yourself, will you understand its effectiveness.
Happy glowing!
Author Bio: Lakshmi Jaisimha is a freelance health and wellness writer and blogger at Having won over lifestyle diseases and lost more than 60 pounds herself without any fad diets, medicines, and extensive exercises, she aims to help people achieve their health the same way. A stress free and passionate life is what she practices and preaches. You can find her on LinkedIn for a lovely little chat.
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