Introduction to Pranayama

These are to be carried out while lying in the back, although it can be done while sitting or standing.
The Exercises are :

  • Complete Breath
  • Breath in deeply from the abdomen, which will expand, to the ribcage and up to the collar bone. Breath out in reverse order & give the abdomen a gentle push to clear breath from the base of the lungs. 
    Breath in to slow count of four, out to a slow count of four & gradually increase to a count of eight to nine.

  • Complete Breath with retention 
  • Follow the instructions for complete Breath above, but hold for a count of Two between breathing in & breathing out.


  • Other Breathing
  • For a count of four, breath gently all the way to the diaphragm, this is very calming and may benefit angina sufferers. Inhale completely for a count of four. Exhale to a count of eight, this also has a calming effect.
    Follow the Instructions for complete Breath with retention. After a few breaths, a warming sensation will be felt.

  • Alternate nostril breathing
  • Place the right thumb on the nostril  & the fourth & fifth fingers of the same hand on the left nostril. Place the second & third finger on a spot between the eyebrows. Close the left nostril & breathe in through the right nostril for a count of five. Close both nostrils & hold for a count of four, then open the left nostril & breathe out for a count of eight. Repeat, but the other way around, breathing in through the left nostril, holding & breathing out through the right nostril. This technique is a very important part of pranayama & it helps in relaxing & refreshing the body.

  • Bhadtika Breath
  • Breathe in & out completely three times. Inhale to one-third capacity, exhale, inhale, exhale & repeat for 10 breath using the lungs & ribcages like bellows.Now finally inhale completely & exhale.

    Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique – such as mindfulness or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought, to train attention and achieve a mentally clear state of mind.
    Maharishi Mahesh Yogi introduced several well-known figures - most famously the Beatle- to the practice and it is now widely taught in health and leisure centers.

    . Lower heart rate
    . Less stress
    . Deeper relaxation
    . Improved blood circulation
    . Lower blood pressure

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