How The Ayuvya Wand Work Wonder For Gorgeous Glowing Skin

Fascinating techniques lie around it’s just a matter of time till we discover it, the same goes with the Ayuvya wand. The predated Ayurvedic miracle has produced wonders for the facial skin as well as the overall health of the human. The wand is an ancient technology that has been lying around for approximately 500 years and is considered sacred, the metal used in the wand is considered to be scared, and apart from producing wonders for the facial skin, this cosmetic blessing helps in restoring the dosha imbalance as well. 

                    The metal used in the wand has several good effects as well it harmonizes the energies in our meridian and chakras, to tune up the face, reawaken the beauty of your skin and the innermost being. Ayuvya wand is carefully designed to mostly impart a few of the specific benefits such as:

  • Revitalizing the facial skin and complexion
  • Inducing a soothing sense of ease and relief
  • Maintaining the dosha imbalance, the three forms of core energies recognized by the Ayurveda
  • Balancing body, mind, soul and the innermost being.                                                                                                                                                    Ayuvya wand involves nothing but simple repetitive long strokes and circles that according to Ayurvedic science, helps in reducing or pulling out the acidity in tissues. The wand produces a balancing as well as a revitalizing effect by amplifying the body’s natural bio-electrical network. It quickly warms the surface and leaves an essence like an extension of your own energy. Massaging the skin from the wand revitalizes the skin by increasing the blood circulation, and the oxygen from the increased circulation allows the skin to release toxins and calm inflammation. Ayurveda wand is immensely effective as its healing properties are not only limited to the facial skin but in turn, heals the whole body. The facial benefits of the wand are splendid, it helps in treating acne, acts as an excellent de-stressor to remove the fine line and most of all it hydrates the skin to give a gorgeous youthful glow. 
       One of the biggest secrets about the working of the Ayuvya wand is that when directly applied to the facial skin it balances the pH level naturally, hence improving the skin texture, aging, etcetera- and massage reduces the puffiness and brings out that glow from the renewed oxygenated blood. Upon, combining the Ayuvya wand with the right serum, the treatment effect maximizes, but it’s vital to select the serum or the facial product according to the skin type and the one having the high mineral and vitamin content in it
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