Food Diet Chart For Vatakapha Niyati

What is Vata- Kapha Dominating Personality?
The phenomenon of  Vata, Kapha and Pitah are responsible for our physical, emotional and mental constitution. When Vata and Kapha meet, the air and earth elements also meet in the human body. This is either known as Vata- Kapha or Kapha- Vata depending on which one is more dominating over the other one. The Vata- Kapha is an interesting mixture that can offer great qualities or conflicts.

What is the best food diet chart for this?


Fruits that are raw and have astringent tastes like apples, aggravate Vata and thus should be minimized. On the other hand, fruits that are raw, too sweet or too sour should be taken in minimum quantity, as they pacify Vata but aggravate Kapha. The following fruits should be taken in the following quantities:-
Large quantity-   Apples, apricots, berries, cherries, figs, papaya, pears, peaches.
Small quantity-  Avocado, berries, coconut, cranberries, melons, oranges, strawberries.
Minimum quantity-  Mangoes, plums, watermelon, banana, lemons.

It is best to eat these as cooked or along with suitable fats. Food made from refined flour should be avoided. Take these grains in the quantity mentioned below:-
Large quantity-  Amaranth, cracked wheat, whole wheat, basmati rice, buckwheat.
Small quantity-  Millet, oats, rye, brown rice.
Minimum quantity-  Corn, corn flour, rice.

It is preferable to eat cooked vegetables. Salad can aggravate Vata and Kapha due to their cold properties. This effect can be countered by adding salt, pepper, and some lemon. These vegetables should be taken in the following quantity:-
Large quantity-   Bottle gourd, cooked beet, green beans, onion, radish cooked in mustard oil, tomato.
Small quantity-  Asparagus, avocado, carrots, cauliflower, mushroom, lettuce.
Minimum quantity-  Cabbage, eggplant, sweet potato, yams, cucumber.

4.Nuts and seeds
These should be eaten dry roasted and mildly salted to assist digestion. Should be taken in the following quantities:-
Large quantity-  Walnuts, sunflower seeds, pine nuts.
Small quantity- Almonds, pistachios.
Minimum quantity- Cashews, lotus seeds, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, pecans.

It is best to use raw or organic milk. Milk should be taken warm with a small amount of spice such as cardamom or fennel. It should be taken in the following quantities:-
Large quantity-  Goat’s milk, skim cow’s milk, skim yogurt or buttermilk.
Small quantity-  Butter, cottage cheese, ghee, goat cheese
Minimum quantity-  Cheese, yogurt at night, fruit mixed with yogurt, sour cream.

These are best taken at room temperature or warm. Never ice cold. Take it in the following quantities:-
Large quantity-  Chamomile tea, mint and coriander tea, basil or tulsi, cinnamon, ginger tea, vegetable soups appropriately spiced.
Small quantity-  Sour fruit juices, vegetable juices.
Minimum quantity-  Alcohol, black tea, coffee, soda drinks.

Meats are heavy to digest and so they should be consumed in small amounts and less frequently. White meats are preferable. Some butter may be used while grilling or roasting the meat. Eat it in the following quantities:-
Large quantity-  Chicken and turkey.
Small quantity-  Freshwater fish and seafood, mutton.
Minimum quantity-  Beef, duck, pork, lamb.

Understanding both sides is difficult for this mixture. Working with both the aspects of your constitution brings peace and harmony for the body functions. Ignoring either one of your two sides will cause digestive or nervous disorders and mental problems too.
On the other hand, this can be the most interesting and beneficial types if both sides of nature are well understood.
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