Daily Routine for Vata Dominating Personality

Ayurveda has classified energies into three forms. Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha. 
All three energies have their own characteristics. 

Tall or short types of people are mostly vatta types while medium-size people are pitta type and stronger type people are Kapha. 

But if vatta predominants in you, then you must be irregular and changeable. 
Being a creative and energetic mind,  you always like to be in continuous motion and lively at every event. 

As Vattas are always lively in every mood they love to interact with the personalities who are always enthusiastic and cheerful. 

Vistas possess dry skin and hair. They do not sleep much and typically suffer from digestive problems. 

When Vattas are worried, they feel unbalanced and anxious. 

When vatta energy becomes imbalanced, then only their health is not affected but also the excitement and enthusiasm get a bit slower. 

So,Vattas need to be careful about their daily routine and daily diet which they intake daily. In the morning when you walk up,  drink a glass of warm water. This is very beneficial for your body. Then meditate for 10-15 minutes for inner peace. After meditation, you can do exercise to balance your body structure. Set an intention, something simple such as, "today I feel centered and joyful in everything I do ".

If possible then massage your body with warm almost or any herbal oil. 
Then take a gentle bath and wear light fabric clothes. 

While performing your morning tasks and work you can take fresh ginger tea in between or any herbal drink which suits you.

In Mid-day eat lunch in the afternoon in a calm, peaceful and positive environment. As lunch is the heaviest and important meal of a day. That's why it needs to be taken wisely. 

Eat food that is suitable for your health and especially for your digestive system. 
Then take a break of 10-15 minutes and quietly to rest yourself for those few minutes. 

Vatta is a personality who always loves to be creative and innovative. Then at the time of the evening meditate for 15-20 minutes and spend a few minutes with nature. In the evening, Vattas can take ginger tea or any drink to refresh themselves. 

Eat a healthy dinner around 7-8 p.m. and then enjoy your quality time with your family and friends. 

At be a time, just avoid many intense and congestive tasks because that can really lead to unrestlessness in your body. 

Before going to bed at least take a walk of 10 minutes. 

Afterward, if you feel then enjoy reading that creates peace in your mind. Then finally go to bed after all your day which makes you learn something new and excited. 

Try to follow this routine for balancing and controlling Vatta's dominating personality. Because your personality is a thing that reflects your inner sides in front of others. 

A good personality is not only always overwhelming but also a way towards success and joy in life. 

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