Complete Ayurvedic Guidelines for Healthy lifestyle

  • Do not sleep lying on your stomach or your back. It is better for the body 's energy centers to sleep on the side


  • The environment in which one eats affects digestion. Therefore, Ayurveda recommends for proper, healthy digestion, that the environment should be calm, peaceful


  • “Do not drink large quantities of liquid during meals, as this also weakens the digestive fire. A half-cup of room temperature water is about right, on average.


  • Lie on your back on the floor with your head resting on a couple of paperbacks books for at least 15min a day. This helps the head, neck & back into alignment and calming down body & mind.


  • Do not read in bed it harms eyesight & fills the mind with activity just at the time when it should be calming down.


  • It takes three hours for a meal to be completely digested in the body, waiting for Three hours until the next meal is recommended in order to keep digestion strong and the doshas in balance.
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