Burn, Scalds & Boils Treatment with Ayurveda - Natural Ayurvedic Remedies & herbs for Burn , Scalds & Boils

1.Betel  leaf 



The Herb is also an effective remedy for boils. A leaf is gently warmed, till is gets softened and is then coated with a layer of castor oil, then the leave is placed over the inflamed area, the leave has to be replaced after a few hours, this can be applied overnight & then removed In the morning.


2.Curry Leaves 


It can be effectively used in case of a burn , skin eruptions. they should be applied over the affected areas. 


3. Dill



A paste should be made of its leaves & applied to the effective areas. Its application with turmeric powder prevents the formation of  ulcers & helps to heal it quickly


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