Best FOOD Diet Chart for PITTA- Kapha Dominating Personality

The Pitta- Kapha Dominating personality is a unique type of personality with many advantages. Pitta and Kapha in balance result in complementing each other and form a great metabolism for the body. But maintaining the balance between the two is a challenging task and often leads to imbalance and stress.
The Pitta person under stress gets angry and irritable while imbalance Kapha results in the form of withdrawal and an increase in weight. Kapha calming foods include bitter, Pungent and stringent. Bitter foods include karela (bitter gourd, leafy vegetables and even Romain lettuce, pungent include pepper, mustard, etc.
Kapha dominated person can easily remain in balance if they follow healthily and prescribed food diet. They are very easy-going and take interest in others and only at the time of stress, they tend to withdraw themselves from others. When you come around Kapha dominated person you will know that they are so loving and caring and only at the time of stress they feel withdrawn which can be helped by showing more love and care towards them.
Pitta Kapha dominated personality should always keep an eye on the type of food they digest and ingest to avoid any issues. Pitta and Kapha should be balanced to pacify each other. So, others should not get dominated by the suppression of others.
The person needs to understand the need of his body and work according to it. If the Kapha is in balance it provides with the balance in digestion and keeps the aggression and stress under control to protect the person from any disorder due to getting excessively agitated. The increase in Pitta results in the shift of body towards the acidic side which results in lower down the effect of Kapha balance and which ultimately results in various disorders. So, for the person with these two doshas, the requirement of both should be fulfilled without neglecting any one of them. At the time of following of diet, the person should always be aware of the state of both the dosha and give proper care to them according to the demand of the body properly. This means if one of the doshas is getting depleted and the other one is increasing, the food diet should accordingly shift towards the side which is depleting so as to maintain the balance between the two.
If both the dosha are in balance proper care should be given to maintain the desired balance between the two all the time. An adequate amount of food should be taken in regular interval and early dinner is always recommended in such a state. The intake of liquid or water should be an hour before or an hour after every meal.
The person should avoid any kind of food item that can aggravate any kind of dosha. Yogurt should be avoided in every case as it increases both the traits. The intake of alcohol, Coffee, and Tea should also remain in check to maintain the balance of both the Pitta and Kapha. The diet plan should strictly be followed to maintain any kind of disbalance in the dosha.
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