Human curiosity has often led to some breath-taking, cutting edge discovery and one of such eminent discovery is the Ayuvya wand, this discovery reduces the fine lines and restores the youthful glow. Lately, the discovery of this ancient beauty ritual embodied in the Ayuvya wand is a facial massage device that is designed to balance the doshas, chakras and skin’s pH level. Ayurveda is a predated Indian healing system that considers or recognizes the three doshas in the body and approaches through an ideal way to maintain a daily balance of mind, body soul in order to balance the doshas.

            Ayuvya wand makes an inside out approach to cleanse the facial blemishes and massage it evenly, it stimulates the circulation, resulting in clearer, plumper, smoother skin. This technology has been around for approximately 5000 years and is considered sacred, the metal used in the Ayuvya wand is a conductor and is used to tune the chakras and balance the three doshas which increase the body’s ability to heal. Application of Ayuvya wand for the facial massage has several benefits, it revitalizes the skin, softens the fine line, de-puff eyes, firm the jawline and cheekbones and relaxes the neck and shoulders. It’s also termed as a ‘natural facelift’. Ayuvya wand’s facial massage is usually accompanied by a serum which makes the face look more radiant and full of life. The healing properties of the wand aids in lymphatic drainage, which helps in clearing out acne, reduce puffiness and under-eye bags and brighten dull skin.
      The lymphatic system is a type of detoxing mechanism of the body which filter the fluid and sends the good stuff back into the system, the lymphatic system also produces immune cells to kill bacteria and stop infections from spreading. Ayurvedic science considers the lymphatic system as one of the most important systems in your body, therefore the wand was specifically engineered to aid in the lymphatic drainage. According to experts the use of Ayuvya wand helps with the lymphatic drainage and helps in circulating blood and fluid, the wand also detoxifies by drawing out the acidity in the facial skin, since the toxins in the skins are highly acidic, massage with Ayuvya wand balance’ the skin’s pH level, which further reduces inflammation as well as balances oiliness or dryness.
             The key rule in using this tool is to make circular movements over the forehead, along with the brow bones, at the temples and down the jawline, relatively these are the areas where the face has most stressed-out muscles and ligaments, and the subtle movement of the wand helps in releasing that tension which reduces the future lines and wrinkles. Ayuvya is unique due to it effective results and versatile benefits which not only brings out a youthful glow, moreover, stimulate the energy points to balance the dosha and render a wholesome healthy lifestyle.

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