AYUVYA WAND- History, Benefit, How To Use It ?


Ancient teachings have a way of helping humans through ages and ages, whether it comes to skincare or daily routine, however, one of the biggest gift of Ayurvedic research to the skincare is the Ayuvya wand. The Ayuvya wand is an ancient skincare tool that predates the jade roller and gua sha, which were introduced in the skincare routine almost 5000 years ago.
         Ayuvya wand came about in the bronze age in India, when the people where evolved enough to generate temperature sufficiently high so that they can forge the copper and aluminium together. Ayuvya wand’s magic lies in its ability to balance the pH level of the skin, this secret was discovered back in the time when people started using copper utensils for serving food, which helped in easy digestion and reducing the acid content in the food. Since the metal had such an incredible health benefits, therefore people started using it directly to the skin as well. Ayuvya wand’s effective and reliable working is explained due to its metal’s alkaline properties, upon touching the skin it balance’s the pH level, as the skin has high acid content or possess general imbalance which causes sensitivity, premature aging, wrinkles, inflammation or acne but as a result of massaging the wand directly onto the skin the issues are easily minimized or kept at bay. Moreover, massaging the skin with the Ayuvya wand removes the built-up toxins in the lymph nodes by draining them out as the physical massage and lymphatic drainage brings fresh oxygen to the skin to give out a natural glow.
            Ayuvya wand can be paired up with a facial serum, as the serum helps with the brightness and inflammation, furthermore, the usage of the wand with the serum magnifies the impact of treatment. Ayuvya wand is an ideal means of face cleansing and rejuvenation which comes without any mixed material and is composed of pure authenticated material. Apart from the selection of the serum, it’s also vital to select the right oil according to the skin type, one which has high vitamin and mineral content in it, as the massage with wand take’s place a grayness might appear on the skin, which isn’t dangerous, it’s just a clear indication of the fact that the wand is working perfectly fine. Ayuvya wand is the perfect cosmetic tool to relax the skin, de-stress and acquire mental peace. The wand consists of the ancient Indian healing system that also recognizes the three doshas or the energy type in the body and maintains a universal approach to optimize the daily health of your mind, body and soul in order to balance the doshas. Furthermore, the Ayuvya wand stimulates the blood circulation to give a clear, plumper and smooth looking skin.
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