Asthma Treatment with Ayurveda - Natural Ayurvedic Remedies & herbs for Asthma



    It is considered beneficial in the treatment of asthma due to its Expectortrant properties.




    It is an effective remedy in case of Asthma, A spoon of Decoction prepared by boiling 5-6 cloves in water that can be taken up with honey  3 times a day as an Expectorant.




      Two - Three cloves of garlic boiled with milk, can be used every night before bed which gives excellent results in asthma cure, even you can crush Garlic & boil it in pure malt vinegar. It is strained after cooling, then add equal amounts of honey in it & mixed well, stored in a clean bottle 1-2 teaspoons should be taken in the evening & before retiring, it has been found very effective in reducing asthma attacks.

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