Oils Recommended for Balancing Pitta, Vata & Kapha


Vatta (Calming Oil )
. Castor oil
. Bala oil
. Amla oil
Pitta (Cooling Oil )
. Almond oil
. Sandalwood oil
. Coconut oil
Kapha (Burning Oil)
. Corn oil
. Mustard oil
. Sesame Oil
Benefits of Mustard Oil & Seeds
For headaches & fever- Heat three tablespoons of Mustard oil, Soak a cloth in the mixture and apply on the forehead
For cold hand & feet- Massage them a mixture of warm mustard & sesame
Benefits of curry leaves
For Period pains-  Combine one cup of curry leaves ½ spoon of cumin seeds & four cups of water. Boil the solution until it can fill in 2 Cups. Take this 2-3 times a day.
Benefits of Garlic
To treat chest pain-  Boil a few cloves of the garlic in water until it tenders, try to crush the clove mix with cooking water, Drink.
For toothache- Crush a clove of garlic & apply to the affected tooth cavity with a cotton piece dipped in clove oil.
Benefits of Ginger
For Fungal infection- In the mouth rub the tounge with a piece of ginger
For  Cough & sore throat- Crush a small piece of ginger to extract the juice mix the juice with 1 tablespoon of honey & 2 tablespoons of lemon & drink it 3 - 4 times a day.
Benefits of black pepper
For diarrhea- Combine combine 1
a teaspoon of black pepper, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 tablespoon of cumin seeds, 5-10 curry leaves, a pinch of salt and 4cups of water. Boil the mixture until it gets to fit in 2cups, Drink three times a day.
Benefits of Ghee
For bee & wasp Sting, rub on the effective area 
For burning feet & hands massage with ghee, try to take an alternative bath with fresh milk.
Benefits of lemon
For Dizziness- Add the juice of a lemon or lime to half a glass of soda water, you can add crushed ice, Sip small doses.
Benefits of  coriander
For cold & flu- Add 4 tablespoons of
seeds in a frying pan don't fully roast or burn them, Then boil the browned seeds in water with some slices of root ginger. Boil to reduce the liquid to 2 cups and drink.
For cystitis: Boil 4 tablespoons of seeds in 4 cups of water until the quantity is reduced.

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