4 Surprising Reasons You Might Struggle to Gain Weight

There is no shortage of materials that provide guidance on the most effective weight loss techniques. However, not everybody desires to lose weight. Finding sound guidance on how to gain the weight one desires might be challenging for those who wish to do so. Some people may find it as challenging to put on weight as it is to shed it.

Ayurveda has already cracked the code to gaining weight naturally and Ayurvedic weight gainer powders and capsules utilise this very knowledge in assisting you to gain weight. Ayuvya Ayurveda iGain is a 100% Ayurvedic weight gainer capsule that is designed on this very principle of natural weight gain. But to know why it works, we must explore the reasons why some people struggle to gain weight.

Rapid Metabolism

You will burn more calories both at rest and when you are active if your metabolism is "high" (or fast). You'll need to consume more calories to maintain your weight if you have a high metabolism. One explan ation for why some people can eat more than others without gaining weight is because of this. A person's metabolism can prevent them from gaining weight if it burns meals too quickly. Such individuals must make sure that their daily caloric intake exceeds their daily caloric expenditure. 

High Anxiety

In essence, asking if too much stress may make you put on more weight is the same as asking if too much cortisol can induce weight gain. In both instances, the answer is a yes. Constantly experiencing high amounts of stress and worry at work or at home can cause you to lose weight rather than gain it. While many people gain weight when under stress, some actually lose weight. Some people have a tendency to lose their appetite when under stress, which results in their eating less overall.

Low Absorption

Patients who have steatorrhoea (inability to absorb fats from the gastrointestinal tract), cystic fibrosis, or celiac disease are frequently underweight and struggle to put on weight. A broad range of illnesses that impair your ability to absorb nutrients from food are collectively referred to as malabsorption. Indigestion and even malnutrition can result from malabsorption, not from a failure to consume adequate nutrients but rather from a failure to absorb them.

High Acitivity Levels

More exercise increases the quantity of calories your body "burns off" or consumes as energy. Weight loss occurs as a result of a "calorie deficit" that is produced by physical activity. Children who suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) may have trouble acquiring weight. These kids are so physically active that they expend energy at a dangerously high pace.

So How can you Gain weight?

The only way to put on weight is to eat more calories (energy) than your body normally needs each day. Whatever your age, gradually increasing calories from healthy foods while engaging in strength training will assist to guarantee that the weight acquired is both useful and manageable. 

But many people find it difficult to increase their calorie intake because their appetite is low. In that case, Ayurvedic weight gainers are the way to go. Ayuvya Ayurveda iGain is an Ayurvedic weight gain capsule that assists in healthy weight gain by increasing appetite naturally and building muscle mass. This Ayurvedic weight gainer is a 100% natural, safe and effective means of gaining weight that you need to try today!

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